My notes on animating human walk cycles

The human walk can be broken down into for basic poses:


These poses are contact, recoil, passing, high-point.


Continue the same animation on the opposite leg.



Note how as the character walks the body goes up and down. This is highlighted by the blue line:


Here is an example of how I have used this technique to create a walk animation:



Cheers animation

A while ago I thought it would be interesting to have and animated signature to add to my emails. Unfortunately I went a little over board and this was the result

After going to all the effort of making this little clip I found out that outlook blocks animated .gif files from playing for security reasons.

Old man animation

Here is an animation I created for the MSI 3D workstation competition.

Its was very rushed because I found out about the contest two weeks before it finished. It was a massive challenge to get this complete because I still had to work full time and everything in this clip except for some of the body of the car had to be made.