Rendering – Windows vs. Linux

I was having an interesting discussion the other day on if it was cheaper to use Linux render nodes over Windows for V-Ray on Maya. Which got me wondering what is the performance difference between them? There was only one way to find out! So I set up 2 identical machines, or better yet virtual machines, assigned them both 12 CPU cores, tossed Windows on one and Linux on the other and had them race.

And below are the results. I was surprised to see that Linux is not just a little bit  faster, but had totally blown the doors off Windows.

V-Ray on CentOS Linux got a time of 4:43

V-Ray on Windows 7 got a time of 7:18


This is a CPU only test and I’d be interested to see if the results are the same with GPU. I’m also curious to know what the difference between Windows 7 vs. 10. Maybe one day when I get some free time I’ll run a few more tests.

I’d also be curious what the results are in Cinebench, but I guess I’ll have to wait for Maxon to bring out a Linux version, even though C4D has a Linux render.

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