Magic Rig

Magic Rig is a rigging system for Autodesk Maya that makes rigging 3D characters for animation a simple and painless process.


Or fork it on GitHub



  1. Download and extract Magic Rig
  2. Open the ‘Magic Rig’ folder and copy the ‘maya’ folder over your documents/maya folder
  3. If you are using a version of Maya other than 2018 open the ‘maya’ folder and rename the 2018 folder to the year of your Maya version, then copy into your documents maya folder


  1. Open Maya and select the Magic Rig shelf and click on the icon
  2. Select the type of character you want to rig.
  3. click ‘Create Proxy’
  4. position proxy joints on your character
  5. click ‘Create Rig’
  6. skin rig joints to your character using the normal Maya skinning tools


If you have a spare moment and want to help out the project you can take this survey and make Magic Rig better!